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  Embassy Service             Options

  • Same Day

  • 3-5 Days

  • E Visa 48 Hrs

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  • Get Elite to Q Jump your appointment

  • Retinal Eye Scan and fingerprints will need to be taken

  • Stay with your Elite Envoy as the embassy is always busy and you may miss your slot

  • Ensure your invitation letter has been signed in the correct format

  • Ensure your letter of invite has the correct detail, content and relevant stamp for your purposes

  • If you are over 70 or under 14 you are excused Bio Metric submission

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1 - Application Form

2 a - Passport: British

2 b - Passport: EU - Other

Please ask your consultant


NB those holding duel nationality must present ALL passports with their applications.

3 - Passport Photos:

4 - Letter of Invitation (LOI)  

5 - Certification of Vaccination

6 - Travel Itinerary

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1 - Application Form

2 - Passport
3 - Photos
4 - Itinerary
5 - Vaccinations Yellow Fever  

     Covid 19 Clearance
6 - Proof of Accommodation


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