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3-10 day services  

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Central London - Same Day Apostille

As one of the country’s leading niche logistics companies in legal work, we go far further than

other providers servicing the Legal & Notarial sector, with a host of superior options.

Collected, lodged, processed and delivered back to you on the same day if required,

no inconvenience for you to collect. We do everything. Home link collection available 

We will have your documents processed

and documents returned within 24 working hours of receipt.​


Swift Solo Bike 

Immediate Submission Direct return. 

Same Day Swift

If you get your document to us by 12.30 pm, we will have your document returned to you

by close of business that same day.



Next Day Apostille

Offering a 3 timed daily service in London and Next Day Shuttle as an alternative option.

For the daily and regular users, we offer bulk low-cost submission services with a bespoke,

designed and effective lodging process.

Our FCO SHUTTLE offering is in addition to our same day suite of products, providing a simple alternative

lodging service to the market sector that wish to keep their talented colleagues involved in essential legal process rather than standing in needless time-wasting queues waiting for document process.

Next-Day Shuttle 

Documents collected by 11.00  for shuttle release at 12.00  transited into a secure environment at 12.00 with a return by 17.00 the next working day.

international link in to dovetail with International shipments to include the latest cut off for onward flights. 


Standard Bulk Service

3 - 5 Day Apostille

Std Submission 

Documents collected by 12.00  for shuttle release  transited into a secure environment and lodged next day  with FCO  Milton Keynes return within 3 working days 5 days across a week end.

International link service to all wholsale international transit hubs  DHL-UPS-FEDEX- etc -- shipping internationally to provide  the latest possible cut off for onward flights of documents.  


Legalisation of Documents at



3 - 5 Day Services dependent on Country and opening hours 7 Current processing protocols 

Std Submission 

Documents lodged same day of collection or same day after FCO apostille.. Fastest service in the UK Guanteed. 

International link service to all wholsale international transit hubs  DHL-UPS-FEDEX- etc -- shipping internationally to provide  the latest possible cut off for onward flights of documents once legalised - scanned copies returned to lodging client same day.  


Additional Supporting Services


Medical Services  -

Medical Appointments available across the UK for 

Job Certification

Country entry for Vaccination Purposes

and Immunisation details and proof of documents of medical history 

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Translation of Essential Documents 

Translation of NON UK Documents  Contract of employment 

and Travel Visa allocation

Some documents have to be translated before they can be presented at embassy or to the FCO for Apostille. 

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Chamber of Commerce Stamps

Issued Specific Documents have to prior authority stamped by a chamber of commerce 

we are registered  at  the following 

London Chamber of Commerce 

Arab Chamber of  Commerce 

Egypt Chamber of Commerce 

Clearance of document has to be presented to the Embassy after its Clearance in the chamber of Commerce or the chosen Chamber of the Embassy , Egypt Chamber or the Arab Chamber

  Chamber of    Commerce
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Police Clearance 

Some embassies require a POLICE check to confirm that t hey do have a criminal record 

This is requested by the applicant and passed to us to support the application 

the check is usually a DBS certification - but for longer applications a full ACRO report is required 

Police Reports

Invitations  - 

Strict guidelines are issued for types of invitation which allow a visa to be issued


for Business the details have to be specific to the vis purpose and the dates of travel and often who is inviting you.

Some countries issue electronic invitations for short term visits - please ask for details 

For tourism a hotel confirmation or a letter from the person you are staying with is enough to issue the entry documents. 

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Attestation of Degree Certificates'

Academic qualifications are required to to be attested in the Saudi Cultural Bureau before oversees work permits can be granted.


The embassy will not agree a visa without the correct qualifications being applied to the job of work.


The authenticity of the document has to be confirmed with the educational establishment issuing the qualification


although often a lengthy process it is essential to a successful  long term visa application. 

 Saudi  Bureau
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