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Access to your document  Vault provides our consultants the immediate opportunity to review and plan your application before asking for any specific documents for any current application.

The Personal Safe Deposit - CLUB CLASS

Allows the Vault member faster service and earlier appointments at embassy's.

Professional and security cleared handling your personal details, and preparing and deposing all your applications, document renewals, work permit information , visa renewals,  managing your immunisations and Covid clearance all part of the service without the need of phone apps or expensive needless concierge charges.  


Essential data for submission such as, travel and medical history including immunisation and Covid 19 vaccination - will be essential to future cleared Business Travel.

The Vault 

THE VAULT  will notify you of all essential Passport and Visa information you require and any embassy changes  

expiry of current visas within your passport & also send reminders for visa renewals or if any immunisation and vaccination boosters as and when they are due.


The Vault automatically manages Visa applications and manages entry procedures and timings into the country of your choice.


The system updates you on all key expiry dates on passports visas and gives renewal reminders on sensitive documents - a key tool for travel  and  consular professionals who will best manage your Data Vault and remove the grind of consistently sending the same information for Visa applications as you move around the globe.

we will do it all and just send you a quick email form - and we will let you in. 


Benefits of your own Travel Vault

All your personnel essential travel data & History in One Place


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Auto form fill - Access to VIP support team 

Travel  History

all in one place 

Fast Track

Q Jump for all  Embassy Appointments

Free VIP Service Attending

Embassy Biometric submission

Work documentation  contracts

work permits

Visa History

Free Passport Renewal Service for all  Keyholders 

Visa Management Email reminder system for key renewal dates. 

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Applications Form Completed for you 

Having the full travel history the vault is able to map all destinations and dates of visit  in the last 10 years - something most embassies are now asking for.

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Most Embassies require a  named appointment slot for each applicant so they can accurately identify the applicants passport details and allocate the correct time to consider the application

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The Elite Team will meet you and guide you through the submission process and application of your visa,  we will then return when the embassy instructs and collect and despatch  your passport back to you.  ( If you are under 14 or over 70 years of age you are excused submission from Chinese applications ) 

Key documents held in your vault allow the team to get on and plan your application and travel - we can get on and create your application having access via your DEPOSIT BOX to  travel history and and the key documents required - 

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Key documents held in your vault allow the team to get on and plan your application and travel - we can get on and create your application having access via your DEPOSIT BOX to  travel history and and the key documents required - 

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Document management system to remind you that Visa is due to expire or renewal of your Passport is needed  -

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Airlines are requiring a  Negitive Covid 19 test minimum 3 days before boarding - There is little value in providing details of these tests into the Vault on negative test results - A fresh test is required on every event of travel and only lasts for 3 days. 


Details of any  Isolation and quarantine should be recorded as evidence of complying with regulations within your travel history which may be requested by any future destination  country

We envisage some form or inoculation card to be issued after the pandemic to  assist in future  vaccination recognition and proof of eligibility to travel - This are in addition to the current travel vaccinations required by certain countries which may include Yellow Fever, HIV, Hepatitis A B & C  - this document when live should be added to the Vault File. 


Ask you consultant for details please note these are subject to frequent change currently. 

Covid 19 Clearance