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  HMPO Fees

     UK Passport

  • 1st Adult  Passport   ( 32 PAGES )               £ 72.50

  • 1st Adult  Passport   ( 48 PAGES )               £ 85.50

  • Additional Passport  ( 32 Pages )                £ 72.50

  • Additional Passport  ( 48 Pages )                £ 85.50

​          Renewal 

  • 1st Adult  Passport   ( 32 PAGES )               £ 72.50

  • 1st Adult  Passport   ( 48 PAGES )               £ 85.50

     Replace - lost & stolen  

  • Adult  Passport   ( 32 PAGES )                    £ 72.50

  • Adult  Passport   ( 48 PAGES )                    £ 85.50

     Childs passport  

  • 1st Adult  Passport   ( 32 PAGES )               £ 46.00

     Changes to passport 

  • 1st Adult  Passport   ( 32 PAGES )               £ 72.50

  • 1st Adult  Passport   ( 48 PAGES )               £ 85.50


0203 745 9798 

or Ask Albert...here 



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1 - Get Elite to Q jump your Appointment

2 - Fill all forms out in Black ink 

3 - Sign within the box provided .. DO NOT TOUTCH THE  EDGES 

4 -  Current services due to Pandemic is 6-8 weeks 


A Book Passport 


with Elite 

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Upon renewal - you will need to surrender your old passport to action renewal.


Application MUST be filled in in  Black Ink Only 

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SIGN INSIDE THE BOX - This Example would  be rejected 

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Replacement for Lost stolen passport will need  LO 1 form 

1st Passport 

If you require a new UK Passport

Elite service group can process

your application in Central London same day with either 24 - or 48 Hour turnaround.


Due to Covid 19 delays for Passport Applications office are currently running at 4-6 weeks delay -  please fill out the application request and we will pre - prepare your application and advise the best course of action to obtain a new passport.

if you need passport forms sent to you please ask albert here 

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2nd Passport

& Renewal 

2nd passports are extremely

useful to the frequent worldwide

traveller, as they assist in allowing visa applications to take place whilst the applicant is travelling on another passport and thus negating the " wait " for visa issue and onward travel.


They are also useful where visits are made to countries that are in current dispute and a visit would be visible at the point of entry where a visit stamp would visible passport control at the point  of entry. 

Renewal  is a simple process of surrendering your old passport and supplying a simple  application form ( money ) and new signed pictures ! 


Replacement - 

Lost - Stolen-Damaged

Change of Details 

& Duel Nationality


Lost & Stolen - Damaged Replacement


Without An exceptional  Emergency service designed to replace lost and stolen documents and to allow immediate travel. Whether someone has stolen it or if its had a trip to the Launderette or if Fido the doggie has had a go at it. we are in a position to help whatever the damage is - immediately. 

Administration - Name Change ( change of details ) 

Where there is a name change due to Marriage or Divorce , or even if your change of title or change of name, gender change or name change by deed poll we are here to help and guide you through getting your passport looking the way you need it to be. 

Duel Nationality. 

We have good relations with alll embassies here in the UK if you are a foreign national and require an embassy to help you renew important ID and Travel documents,  we are able to liase and facilitate and assist that dialogue and replace documents and passport renewals where the service is offered- we are also able to assist where those services are not offered also as to advice as to how to solve your current dilemma and give you alternative options.   

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Happy Kids with Books

Children's Passport 

Children's passports are slightly

different in so much as they do

not run for the 10 years.

Childs passports are required in all cases in entering foreign countries and the practice of a baby travelling on the Mothers passport has been phased out.

Children's passport  are easy to obtain and also easy to renew - the hard part is getting them to sit still for the  photograph!!